trim.56F3D6DB-A410-4265-A36B-6EDFC6E82BDEI did a concept map about strawberry





This is what I did at performing arts


At performing arts


I can do a mim

We did miming


We acted silly  and watched silly shows  about miming and clownig


we hade to make a mime and I did a cranial one and we fell off a ride my group was










And this Is how tanisha and me looked in the costume







I can do a collage


At art we made a collage this is mine


This is a collage about being healthy

and the exercise that you can do to lose weight and you can eat healthy foods

















At ausland  we learnt how  to do our name,some fruits,vegetables and alphabets


I can sign my name


We had to sign the alphabets without telling the letter

And we learnt how to sign good morning , good rafter noon and good night

Also we did my name is Stephanie by signing






In sport we had to do some exercise to worm up our body’s


I can skip fast at sport


And the exercise that we did was




Step pull up ( bouncy string )


Stepping over the hill


Up and down the bouncy woopy pillow


Hanging rolling walking












I learnt
1. How to draw a flag on a mask
2. How to do a collage
3. How to do warm and cool colours

I enjoyed
1. On my building because you can design your own building
2. On my self picture because we get to write what we like to do

My group worked good by working on task

I think art is awesome because we get to draw,paint and colour

Next term I will improve to finish of my work quickly





My 2014 PE Reflection
What i have learnt i have learnt to play crossover that you need 2 different groups

My highlights

Elastic because we get into 3 groups

and we jump and really fun because you can dodge people and run across

performing arts reflection

what i have learnt

how to sing any indian songs

how to dance to indian music

how to sing shower


Visual Art Reflection

Semester 2  2014

I learnt

how to draw my face with a mirror

How to do warm and cool colours


Reflection for semester 2

making the mosaic, paper quilling, shapes and buillding, selfpoertit,

How to draw different shapes and building

How to do different types of quilling design

how to do a mask

I enjoyed

doing the quilling because you can do different designs

drawing your own face with a mirror

My group worked effectively

I think art is amazing because you can do different types of designs

Art has helped me in my drawing colouring and warm and cool colours


what I learnt it is made of tiles


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