my learning reflections

Week 5

What I’m proud of this week…….

I am proud of my passion project because me and tanisha and  nearly finished our coco cream and its fun to make our coco cream

Things I’ve learnt this week…..

The things that I’ve learnt this week was to know about the young immigrants

My goal for next week…….

My goal for next week is to finish of my must do’s on time

week 2 reflection  

what I have enjoyed this week 

I have enjoyed this week is to make a balloon rocket

I have also enjoyed to be in OLSC got talent

what I am proud of of this week 

finising of my task

what my goal for next term 

my goal for next week is to be a effective learner  by working with other people


I enjoyed the last week because I got tp practise  my learning conversation with my friend


something i learnt this week

is to make a game that is tic takc


what i learnt about last week i learnt about adverbs and verbs

my goals for next week to work faster in my learning


term 4

something I have enjoyed this week

I have enjoyed going federation square because we get to be on tv

something I have learnt this week

I learnt the song for the fed sqare

my goals for next week

to work harder

week 5


what i did

tanisha and me made a robotic singing bird

then we made a soccer kicker that was fun

after that we made a drumming monkey we were acting very silly

what i learnt

i learnt that we need  a motor to make it move

what i enjoyed

i enjoyed making the Lego





week 6 reflections

I enjoyed

OLSC got talent. Because tanisha and me got through

quilling was very fun

making a game for sport


I learnt

my multiplication

my quilling art



to finish of my work soon


Term 4         Week 8

What I have enjoyed

I have enjoyed trying to get into the finals in OLSC got talent

doing our spreadsheet for maths

What I have learnt

doing my spreadsheet

and for doing my narrative

My goal

is to finish of my work quickly


my reflection for term 2

Design and Technology was a fun maths project because we had to do a contract and the manager was Tanisha the interior designer  was Stephanie the accountant was Brendon and the engenier designer was Daniel it was a lot of fun so to make it interesting I helped Tanisha with the spreedsheet so we were searched online to get more furniture when we did the spreedsheet together we finished it but we didn’t get time to finish publishing the draft but we make a great team.



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