Big write

I can do do a narrative and a report

The magic book                      The wishing chair

paragraph 1

It was a cold night, when everyone was asleep when suddentley a light struck into a house. inside the house there was a small boy and a small girl there name was Catherine and john there parents died so it was heard for them.

paragraph 2

The next day John work up and called Catherine and said because we don’t have any food also we have some money that mother and father have us. Catherine said we better not waste all that money so they went of and got food they came back John can see something glowing john called Catherine.She was scared when they saw the cold chair and it talk to them by saying  I AM THE WISHING CHAIR .

paragraph 3

When John said why are you at my house the it  answerd I a came to your house because  you are poor so if you sit on me you can wish for something Catherine went first she said I want lots of  toys then it actually happend then John said I want more money and they all lived happily in there house with there wishing chair.                                          The end

The cute bunny rabbit in the world

One summery day their was a mother rabbit and she had three baby’s she waited for a long time.

Paragraph 1
The next day the eggs hatched but only one did she called her sweety she was:
White as snow
Her eyes sparkled
She was the cutest bunny

Paragraph 2
One night when she was sleeping she had a dream saying when you grow big you will be the easter bunny she got up in a startle she woke her mum she said what is it mother I had a dream it said when I grow I will be the ester bunny her mother said you must be joking then

swimming  pool

opinion :  I think we should dig up the sports field so we can put up the pool and it has to be deeper  the better

most kids are


i can do narrative writing and use my vcop in big write



                                                               procedure text 

How to make a balloon rocket

Have you ever made a balloon rocket but you don’t know how to make it well now you can

you will need

60 cm string                          one balloon

a straw                                    sticky tape



you have to get two people to hold the sting and take the straw and push it into the string


you blow the balloon small first the you blow it bigger then you hold the tip of the balloon so that it dosen’t go flying


you tape the balloon under the straw and pull the balloon with the straw bake and to make it interesting count backwards from 10 to show that you are realy taking off a rocket


then you let go and see how far it gose. you can make it challening be making the balloon bigger and sticking the balloon on it and count backwards from 10

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